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Commission Plans 

Plan A

$70 per month/$325 per transaction/100% Commission

No Cap

 E&O billed separately 

Plan B 

$50 per month - 80/20 Commission Split (Agent retains 80%)

$6,000 Cap

Corporate Support Fee included until capped then $25 per transaction until agent anniversary 

E&O Included

Plan C - 100% Commission

$475 per month 

$25 Corporate Support Fee per transaction

E&O billed separately 

Plan D - Optimum Plan

$100 per month - 70/30 Commission Split

Includes Lockboxes, Business Cards, Transaction Coordinating, Signs, GAMLS/FMLS listing input

3% of transaction fee placed into agent investment account

E&O Included

Commercial Transactions

Monthly Fee based on chosen plan

92/8 Commission Split (Agent retains 92%) 

No Cap

$25 Corporate Support Fee per transaction

New Licensee

70/30 Commission Split with mentor on first 3 transactions

MX1 Fee from your 60% based on Plan

Not Practiced in GA

90/10 Split with mentor for 1 transaction 



Maximum One is the improved version of the 100% commission brokerage.  In the past, "flat fee" brokerages were often strictly virtual with no brick and mortar, and offered very little to their agents other than simply a cheap place to hang their licenses.  On the other end of the spectrum, your "traditional" brokerages provide their agents with services such as office space, training and marketing.  However, these agencies offer commission split plans and commonly keep up to 50% of your commission.   

Maximum One has successfully created a hybrid agency in a sense, providing agents with the best of both worlds.  We are a full-service brokerage with multiple convenient locations that our agents have access to 24/7.  We offer extensive training and free continuing education, innovative marketing and technology platforms, fully accessible brokers, and so much more.  


We believe that agents should have the freedom to run their businesses autonomously and keep more of the commissions that they earn.  That is why we offer multiple plans that allow agents to keep 100% of their commission and only pay a small transaction fee to the brokerage.  Below is the list of commission plans that all agents have access to.  

Is a 100% Commission Brokerage Right For You?  



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